The Impact of our work

Nene Tereza since 2010, has worked with the Albanian community, in the UK to improve lives through education, community consultation and cultural events. The following provides a snap-shot of the difference we make creating pathways for the community to integrate economically and socially..

Nene Tereza

The programme outcomes are:

  • Vulnerable people affected by the impacts of Covid-19 begin to make clear choices to help improve their quality of life.
  • Service users are better prepared for health challenges, longer-term change and understand the improvements they can make to live healthier lifestyle. Communities have a greater understanding of mainstream service providers and begin testing services.
  • Improved educational outcomes for Albanian children and young people.
  • Communities maximise the use of assets and resources to create new economic opportunities and live more sustainably by, using the skills and knowledge of individuals within their community to create social enterprise and jobs.

The specific outcomes are:

  • Service users change their behaviour by adopting to healthier lifestyle choices, thereby improving quality of life.
  • Service users are more able to make sustainable health choices.
  • Increased number of Albanian community members access Mainstream services.
  • Educational outcomes improved from a historic low achievement level by children and young people.

The following feedback was collected through a series of group sessions and individual feedback and comments by the members who have attended services.

Adrian Kaloci
My son is dyslexic and I didn’t know how to help him; Nene Tereza helped me talk to the school and now he has all the help he needs and he is very much happy. “Thank you, Nene Tereza”.
Xhuljeta Hyseini
I didn’t know how to help my son to do his homework because I don’t understand the language myself. Nene Tereza helped me with the Saturday school, “my son is happy and I am happy”
Selvije Metollari
I just didn’t understand Math but now since I go to the school on Saturdays, I can now do my homework and the teacher explains and has time for me. “I feel so much better about going to school”.
Hysni Dema
Nene Tereza helped me so much, since Covid-19, I don’t get out very much and now I am able to go out for a walk with someone that help me…
Kimete Hasa
Since my husband passed away I have been feeling lonely and then Nene Tereza offered for me to join their group to visit places in London. I love it so much I look forward to going. “I made new friends to talk to and I enjoy myself”