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Nene Tereza • Bring people together and build strong relationships in and across Communities

  • Improving a sense of belonging, self-worth and self-determination.
  • Building community bridges, facilitating choices, harnessing community trust.
  • Building stronger communities through inclusion, integration and independence
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The Nene Tereza Albanian British National Organization is Charity non-profit organization established in 2007 to facilitate and perpetuate the education and training of Albanian speaking community in UK which come with our Albanian heritage. Our programme goal is to preserve and teach our next generation the beautiful and ancient Albanian Language history and culture including activities such as traditional fold dance, vocal coaching, sports and tutoring, this will enable our community to orientate, settle and gain access to education, training and employment. We also run many projects for adults which enables to promote and enhance knowledge, health and wellbeing.

Among our priorities is to support the Albanian-British to integrate in the UK society to suffice their day to day needs and play active roles in their community as well as the British society.

Activities and clubs

Through team building and sporting activities we address difficulties and issues faced by children in school

Supporting parental engagement

Whilst we strive towards narrowing the widening gap between parents, children and schools. We create improved opportunities for parents to increase their involvement in their children’s educational life through training and development of skills.

This is certainly a year of successes of Nene Tereza

Was an amazing achievement to go from Bronze to Gold status bypassing the silver; This is as a result of such a wonderful job that the organization was doing

It is a huge credit for the Nene Tereza Albanian Community based in North London, that in such a short time to gather and make that contribution to the future of the young people, to recognise the importance of education and community. We are delighted that Nene Tereza organization achieved the Gold Quality Framework Award because it deserved it, this pertains the wonderful work that Nene Tereza organization does for our community based in London


Has been awarded the Gold Award in Supplemtary Schools. For more information please click the image on the right.

The following feedback was collected through a series of group sessions and individual feedback and comments by the members who have attended services.

Latest Activities

Esat Brae Director Of Nene Tereza ??Happy New Year??2022

Nene Tereza Celebrate Christmas party. Thank you to all staff, teachers and volunteers.

Christmas celebration supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Christmas celebration supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Christmas Celebration supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund