Our Mission

The mission of Nene Tereza organisation shall be to promote and preserve the cultural, historic and ethnic heritage of Albanians. Serving the Albanian communities of North London for many years, the Nene Tereza is dedicated to its mission:

Perpetuate & celebrate Albanian Traditions & Customs
Encourage friendship & unity among all Albanian-English
Educate the general populace of the majesty of being of Albanian descent
Supporting the educational pursuits of Albanian-English youth through our Service
To raise awareness to relevant authorities on issues that affecting Albanian community in London.
To enable and facilitate integration of Albanian Community in UK by providing them services that empower them, increase their confidence and orienting them to services available for them.
Improve the quality of life of Albanian community
To preserve and share Albanian culture and traditions.

Our vision

We believe that every child and young person must have an additional language that enables them to develop to their full potential.
We define ‘Supplementary classes ’ not just in terms of core curriculum subjects – although we believe attainment in these is vital – but also in terms of supporting the development of healthy, resilient and well-rounded young people, ready for responsible adult life.
We support these families and communities for their children’s education