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Nene Tereza
West green learning centre
Park View
Langham road
N15 3RB

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Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank
Bank Indentification Code – CPBK GB22

Account Name : Nene Tereza
Account Number : 65355321
Sort code : 089299
IBAN: GB59CPBK08929965355321

We are a Registered Charity, No. 1137791 set up in February 2007 to improve the quality of lives of children and young people from Albanian speaking communities and their families in Greater London UK.

Our work is based on providing a secure environment were children can learn their mother tongue, cultural values and history so they can build a sense of belonging, increase self-esteem and be part of the community. Children and young people are also provided with education support, which is in line of the national curriculum. Children, parents and teachers all play their part and it is this team effort that helps us achieve high standards and sustainable achievements. Our work is also based on providing a holistic community support services that lead to valuable and sustainable outcomes in relation to integration, participation, access to rights and entitlements as well as citizenship.

Nene Tereza organization is a bronze award-winning charity and now very soon we are going to get the Gold award, that supports and empowers individuals and community to improve their life and integrate in UK.

Nene Tereza has run many successful community projects in the North London, and is currently running a several projects to help Albanian Community to integrate in the Greater London. Research has shown that people don’t want to act in isolation: they want to be part of something bigger, and something that their neighbors, friends and family are also involved in. They want to see the effects of their actions locally, in the areas they live and work in. So our organization helps these people to come out of the isolation and get ready to get involved in the society and integrate.

Nene Tereza thrives on the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of our ever-growing number of fantastic volunteers, supported by our dedicated and knowledgeable staff team.
Your donation would go towards helping us to encourage more community volunteers to get their projects off the ground and supporting them on their journey to becoming self-sustaining.
We have raised enough money to support these community in the past and we are immensely thankful and appreciative to these funders who helped us to continue with our projects/activities and we also got a National Lottery grant as well as a small grant from other organizations of to enable to accommodate the pupils properly in a class and to accommodate our office.
However, there are several projects and many other children and adults in our waiting list, that is impossible for us to help them or continue with other projects at the moment because of the funding constraints. The recession in the country this year have made things worse and made it very hard to raise funding from bigger organization and the number of our community that we can assist is limited only by the amount of money we can raise. Also Recent changes in government cuts have meant that our funding from local authorities have been taken away.
If more money was available to Nene Tereza organization we could significantly improve the supplementary education of mother tongue and other GCC subjects which will help our pupils to succeed on their studies, as well as other workshops that we are planning to run.

We need your continued support to enable Nene Tereza to accommodate, educate and give these children and adults of our community as much as they need. Your generosity will mean that we can continue our valuable work in making a difference in the children’s lives and our community.

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