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Shoqata Nene Tereza me qëndër në Londres, e krijuar në Shkurt 2008 dhe e njohur zyrtarisht nga shteti Anglez bashkon në gjirin e saj të gjithë shqiptarët e Britanis dhe rrethinave të saj. Motua e shoqatës është: Të gjithë dhe gjithmonë të bashkuar. Qëllimi i shoqatës është, që duke qënë së bashku, të ruajmë të pastër ndër breza gjuhën e bukur shqipe, kulturën tonë të pasur, doket dhe zakonet tona, nëpërmjet aktiviteteve që zhvillon kjo shoqatë.


What Others Say

Dear Nene Tereza
Thank you for your time during our telephone monitoring meeting today. I am pleased that your project continues to make excellent progress.

Russell Rodgerson
Grants Officer
England Directorate
Newcastle Centre
Big Lottery Fund
Dear Nene Tereza
Well done for the funding you got from supplementary schools! i am sure all the young people attending Nene Tereza will thoroughly enjoy the benefits of this activity!
Carmen Gonzalez
Funding Officer
HAVCO Haringey
Dear Nene Tereza
Just emailing to confirm our conversation and to say, that I really admire the work that you are doing for the Albanian Community in Haringey, in particular the Albanian Supplementary School that you have been running here for the last two years, is always well attended and the children really seem to enjoy coming.

I think it is always good when children have the opportunity to learn about their mother country and its customs and traditions. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards
Herma France
Neighbourhood Learning Manager
Park View
Thank you Nene Tereza... because of you my children can now communicate with their grandparents...
Hatixhe Isufi
Parent of two children
Wood Green
Well done Nene Tereza, my children look forward to their Albanian classes... they love to showcase the songs and poems in front of the family every chance they get
To see my daughter speak Albanian sing and dance Albanian traditional songs is the greatest joy... thank you Nene Tereza... you are doing a great job.
Wood Green
Nene Tereza has helped me get involved in the Albanian community. Having just arrived from Albania I have found it very difficult to adapt to the way of life and make friends. Getting involved with voluntary work has given me a purpose to carry on working with children and developing my passion of writing. I now regularly write for "The Albanian newspaper" informing our community about the wonderful of work of Nene Tereza.
Lorena Murati
Assistant Teacher

Activities and clubs

The work aims to improve the quality of life of children and young people Albanian speaking backgrounds. The project aims to address difficulties and issues faced by the Albanian children....



The work aims to improve life chances for the Albania speaking children and young people in London by providing Individual and group mentoring. When mentoring we aim to provide a friendly face....


Supporting parental engagement

Nene Tereza’s unique approach to supplementary schooling and family support for families with children and young people places parents alongside their children at the heart of our work....


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