We would like to express our gratefulness to all other Albanian Organisations that we work in partnership with, mainstreams schools as well as all other communities for trusting us and believing in our partnerships and continuing support.

Oasis Academy Hadley, Enfield

Park View Academy, Haringey

Nene Tereza work in partnership with Mainstream Schools in Enfield, London

Oasis Academy Hadley
South Street

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Nene Tereza work in partnership with mainstream school Park View Academy in Haringey where we support more then 80 Albanian students

West Green Learning Centre
Park view, Langham Rd
N15 - 3RB

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Other Partners

Mother Teresa Organisation Partnership letter
London Centre for Social Impact Partnership letter
Turkish Organisation Partnership letter
Ardhmeria Organisation Partnership letter
Somalia Organisation Partnership letter
Ambassadors of Peace Organisation Partnership letter
Arabic Organisation Partnership letter
Indian Organisation Partnership letter

What our donors say »

"I helped because I want teachers to be able to have all the resources they need to make an impact in the life of a child. One great teacher can make all the difference.

"I gave because I'm a strong believer in Supplementary School Education as the future for our country"

"I gave because I am studying to become a teacher myself, and I know the impact books can have. I have read a book about the importance of the mother tongue, and the importance of children to be bi-lingual and it seems like these students really need this kind of inspiring and thought provoking literature in their lives. Keep it up! These kids must have a great teacher to care so much :)"



"Words cannot express how grateful I am for your generous donation to my classroom."

"I believe that good things happen to good people! I am proud to work for Nene Tereza organization and I love my job! What the funding from you have done and continue to help us keep on going"

"Thank you for helping my class get the materials we needed to keep the class on going, our children are our future"

"The students and I are so excited to use the equipment you donated for my classroom! We are so thankful and very appreciative for your help"



"Thank you for your donation to our dancing club. This year's team has been selected as the best artists on their performance and our pupils have been working very hard to learn and perform what is traditional dancing..."

"I want to thank you for your generous donations that made it possible for us to get instruments to play at a large Festivals"

Rudina - Dancing Teacher


"Wow, I can't believe they have finally come. I surprised my students with BRAND NEW BOOKS!! They couldn't believe such nice people chose to donate for them"

"Wow, words cannot truly express how humbled and grateful we are for all of your donations"

"Thank you so much for your generosity we are immensely thankful and appreciative for the equipment you helped donate to our Football program...."



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