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Shoqata Nene Tereza me qëndër në Londres, e krijuar në Shkurt 2008 dhe e njohur zyrtarisht nga shteti Anglez bashkon në gjirin e saj të gjithë shqiptarët e Britanis dhe rrethinave të saj. Motua e shoqatës është: Të gjithë dhe gjithmonë të bashkuar. Qëllimi i shoqatës është, që duke qënë së bashku, të ruajmë të pastër ndër breza gjuhën e bukur shqipe, kulturën tonë të pasur, doket dhe zakonet tona, nëpërmjet aktiviteteve që zhvillon kjo shoqatë.


About us

The Nene Tereza (Mother Teresa) Organisation is an Albanian ethnic community organisation based in North London. It was established to improve the quality of lives of children and young people from Albanian speaking communities and their families.

Our work is based on providing a secure environment were children can learn their mother tongue, cultural values and history so they can build a sense of belonging, increase self-esteem and be part of the community. Children and young people are also provided with education support which is in line of the national curriculum. Children, parents and teachers all play their part and it is this team effort that helps us achieve high standards and sustainable achievements. Our work is also based on providing a holistic community support services that lead to valuable and sustainable outcomes in relation to integration, participation, access to rights and entitlements as well as citizenship.

Nene Tereza has now almost 2000 members and since June 2007, we have formally became a not-for-profit company by limited guarantee with a registration No. 6920109. Charity Registration No. 1137791

We are overall managed by an elected board of trustees who are experienced and dedicated to the work involved.

We have a large team of volunteers, mostly from the Albanian community however we encourage anyone who wants to help get involved in our work. We are currently working on developing more projects such as book clubs; story telling etc...

We believe these will be very beneficial to children’s learning and maintaining the Albanian Language, confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore we run a range of projects that also promote the development, education, health and well-being of our community

Activities and clubs

The work aims to improve the quality of life of children and young people Albanian speaking backgrounds. The project aims to address difficulties and issues faced by the Albanian children....



The work aims to improve life chances for the Albania speaking children and young people in London by providing Individual and group mentoring. When mentoring we aim to provide a friendly face....


Supporting parental engagement

Nene Tereza’s unique approach to supplementary schooling and family support for families with children and young people places parents alongside their children at the heart of our work....


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